ESSG - Sayre

Ferran Pellisé

"Dribia always helps to find the best algorithmic solution to the challenges posed by research."


Support in data science for interdisciplinary research to predict post-operative complications.


Prediction algorithm based on operative, demographic, health variables and radiographic images to evaluate the suitability of surgical intervention.


Presentation of different papers and abstracts at leading international medical conferences.


The convergence of knowledge in medicine and data science is a complex challenge, especially for medical research groups. Combining the domain of medicine with the expertise in data science to take advantage of the available data can be an arduous and unachievable task due to the difficulty of accessing professionals trained in data science in these sectors.


Dribia is proud to collaborate with the European Vertebral Column Study Group (ESSG). Through the implementation of our joint project, we offer our deep experience in artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock the potential of data, whether structured or unstructured, such as images and texts. Our solution uses predictive algorithms and explanatory techniques to address the prediction of complications after back surgery, in the field of basic research. By partnering with ESSG, we merge medical expertise and AI innovation to generate valuable knowledge. Our solution not only expands the client’s research capabilities, but also revolutionizes the way complex medical problems are approached. By harnessing the power of algorithms and the transparent interpretation of results, we provide ESSG with the necessary tools to advance medical research and contribute to the well-being of society.