We are passionate about using data science to solve real-life problems. But we must first ask the pertinent questions to find the right answers. We use this approach in our short- and long-term offerings. Find the most suitable fit for your digital situation and requirements.




~1 month

Draw up your map for the data-driven journey. The data leveraging plan specifies all the steps needed to achieve your organization’s goals in a detailed manner. We analyze your current status and the actions required to fulfill your data-related needs along three axes: strategy (what to do with data), methodology (how to do it) and organization (who should do it).


Evaluate your organization qualitatively and quantitatively in terms of data readiness.

Benchmark your current data science capabilities against market trends.

Define a concise roadmap of actions and dependencies to achieve short-, mid- and long-term goals.

Identify opportunities for data science innovation and assess their costs and benefits.


3 or more structured, personalized interviews.

Diverse profiles from your organization.

Optional discovery workshop.


Extensive report evaluating the status of digitization and data culture in your organization.

List of needs and challenges, structured around strategic, methodological and organizational pillars. 

Detailed set of tasks and specific actions recommended to achieve your goals, including their dependencies.

Timeframe of initiatives and projects to implement the required changes.



~1 trimester

We turn your idea into a real algorithmic solution that works. With our short-term deliverables, the project develops iteratively, adapting to the constantly evolving needs. Together we will create your tailored intelligent solution that will reveal the real potential of your data.


Make predictions, optimize a process or enrich your database.

Automate repetitive tasks to become more productive.

Deliver an intelligent software solution for your data challenge that will have a major impact.


Iterative methodology inspired by the principles of agile project management. 

Short-term deliverables of 10 working days.

Mixed teams consisting of 2 data scientists and the client playing an active role.

A variety of workshops and dynamics to ensure correct alignment and management of expectations 

Group seminars, where our team at large discusses the project to provide fresh ideas.


Proof-of-concept or end-to-end solutions

Cloud or in-house deployed solution.

Open source, license-free, fully documented software solution.

Transparent development process to ensure effective transfer of knowledge.

Training, maintenance and technical support.


Successfully implementing high-impact solutions for data problems is not easy. Inspired by the philosophy of agile software development, we have devised a unique approach based on three pillars.


We combine a solid academic background with a proven track record in the private sector. This allows us to create innovative solutions with high business returns.


We have a specific agile method we apply to projects with data. We work iteratively, with short-term deliverables, which allows us to adapt to your needs.


We deliver fully documented, open source solutions, without intellectual property restrictions. This allows us to ensure genuine knowledge transfer.