Pharma Retail



Automatic enrichment of point-of-sale context data and fraud potential scoring for subsequent review by analysts in the gray market


0.25 annual FTE reduction and improvement in fraud detection accuracy


Modular, interpretable and extensible algorithm


In the challenging environment of commerce, detecting gray sales is a critical issue for companies in the pharmaceutical sector. Misusing rebates and discounts, followed by illegal reselling on online channels, can result in substantial losses and damage business relationships. Manually fighting this phenomenon requires high human resource costs and requires automated support.


Introducing “Watson”, a smart solution developed by Dribia. Our algorithm automates the fraud risk assessment process by combining contextual data from each point of sale, such as location and demographics, with sales information. The result is an accurate, automated score that quantifies the risk of fraudulent activity.

This innovative approach replaces the time-consuming, manual method that drained human resources. Thanks to batch processing, “Watson” analyzes multiple points of sale in a matter of minutes. This solution enhances the ability of companies to proactively and efficiently identify irregular business practices, safeguarding the integrity of their agreements and the health of their business.

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