Intelligent system for calculating expected territorial ROI for the optimization of infrastructure deployment strategies


Integration of various data sources, own and external, for the prioritization of deployment areas, territorialized detection of leads and conversion prediction


Cultural change in the generation of deployment strategies and execution of commercial campaigns covering multiple departments


In the competitive environment of basic ‘utilities’, making informed decisions about the location of infrastructure and assets to maximize performance becomes challenging. Choosing between multiple deployment options, each with associated costs and benefits, is crucial to business success. It is key to have quality information that combines internal and external sources, as well as defining areas to expand and their ordering to ensure a successful deployment strategy.


Dribia collaborates with a leading company in the provision of basic services to fully exploit its data and put it at the service of its deployment and investment strategy. Through the integration of internal and external, proprietary and public access data, we create a geographic atlas of detailed information that we mine using the power of artificial intelligence to identify high potential areas and business opportunities.

Our solution also includes the qualification of customers in specific areas and the prediction of conversions, enabling the precise planning of deployment campaigns and subsequent marketing. This strategy not only determines where and when to deploy resources, but also optimizes the effort invested. By making the most of the data and applying advanced techniques, Dribia redefines decision-making in a highly competitive environment.