Clàudia Herron, MSC

Data Scientist

Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Engineering in Data Science from the University Pompeu Fabra and a Master’s in Fundamental Principles of Data Science from the University of Barcelona. Throughout my career, I have actively engaged in interdisciplinary projects, applying my knowledge to various real-world challenges. One notable experience was my research at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, where I specialized in modeling usage patterns of cloud applications using advanced data analysis and statistical methods. I also conducted research in the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine group at UB, using machine learning to predict disease risks and identify and mitigate discrimination in medical outcomes. Additionally, I have had the rewarding opportunity to share my experience in the field of data science as a teacher at Pompeu Fabra University. I am thrilled to contribute to building a trustworthy, fair, and data-driven world where society and technology complement each other.